Embedded programming

Vertigo embedded team has years of experience in the field. Working with us will guide you through complex tasks fast and steady. 

Product development 

Need a professional team to roll out your high tech product. Just leave all to us. Try Vertigo 360° service.

You can test our solution for free!

PCB design

Professional PCB design, with all necessary certifications. Let our reliable staff layout the lines for your electronics. 

Product design

Isn't the design the secret ambasador of your brand? Your brand deserve best designers!

Mechanical design

Let Vertigo engineering team roll up their sleeves and design, produce and test your next great product. We are focused and organised. Let's plan a great project!


Been to the beach lately? We can arrange that, and lot's of other scenarios. Just get in touch. We will arrange the best package for your needs!

computer vision 👀

Hot topic right now. Did you know that computer vision can provide a lot of savings in your company? Just imagine tireless machine making sure your factory delivers safe, flawless products. Your client will appreciate it!

AI algorithm development

"AI is the new electricity" - Andrew Ng

Just imagine your company without electricity. Impossible right?! Just contact us. Reserve the AI team now!

Feasibility study

Industry 4.0 topic you need to research? You are in a good spot.