Who we are

Vertigo is an agile high tech research and development team. We provide reliable source of technological advantage by co-creating new solutions with our clients. We take time to invent new products, production processes, algorythms that are measurably superior. 

Vertigo mindset

We are driven be the need to contribute to technological advantages that allows humans to become highly developed civilization. We love what we do, and always bet on passionate people with great potential.

Providing business results with smarter R&D


Our organisation is agile. Our experience show, that Scrum methodology best suited for most high tech projects. We invest in self development, knowledge and research to keep fast rate of growth.

High Tech projects

Future is now. Best R&D teams are working hard to foresee the future of technology. Thinking out side of the box, going from the big picture to detail is the way to achieve innovation. What will the world look like in next years is the key question in dynamically changing times. Industrial environment is being transformed using AI, IoT, 3D printing, 5G, new material discoveries, or revolutionary mems sensors. 

Enable synergy

Collaborate with award winning specialists and industry pioneers, software developers, mechanical engineers, automation engineers, designers and strategy specialists available at Vertigo Global team, to bring business advantage, and reach global market for your products. 

Choose smart, passionate people, perfect for your high tech development needs. Let’s build better solutions for future generations together.

Areas of Expertise 

Aerospace and Defense

We design unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV payloads, as well as software and hardware development tailored for A&D market. Agile approach enables new solution, that make the difference.

Consumer technology

Consumer oriented approach generate measurable effects. Try our approach to achieve great results. Hire remote specialist team tailored for your needs. The positive effects are guaranteed! 

Software development

Build a future-ready software with the use of our highly professional and motivated developers. Let our managers lead the project to success following the agile principles.

Communication technology

Maximise your potential with our experience in communication protocols like LoRa, 5G, BLE, SPI, I2C, UART, CANBUS, USB or Mavlink.


Machine learning can be applied in almost any professional field, providing faster development and better results. Apply benefits of AI to your needs. Hire our consultants to develop business advantage over your competition. Generate significant results. 


Expertise in mobile robotics, AGV, sensors, computer vision or actuators combined with fresh out of the box ideas, generate great products.

We Specialize in Industry 4.0

Clients and partners

Specialists endorsement

Experienced managers working with technology recommend Vertigo services

Anna Kopsztajn

Project Manager @ Fideltronik

“I recommend Vertigo for any project related to high tech implementation. The team is hard working, and full of enthusiasm. They are well organised and available 24/7 if necessary.”

Wojtek Moraczewski

Project Manager @ Deloitte

“Vertigo has proven their extensive knowledge of UAV and defense market. I also recommend their technical principles and methodologies.”

Terje Fjeldvig

Global Director Sales & Marketing @ DeviceDrive

“Vertigo has proven their professional approach. They are a good business partner.”

Robert Mordzon

Technical Director @ BlackBurst TV

“They are creative, hard working, and show great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism. It all clearly shows in company results.”

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